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Inflation is the enemy of those with money to save. To prevent the value of your money decreasing in terms of spending power, you need to find a savings account that pays a rate of interest that is above the rate of inflation. Savings accounts come in all shapes and sizes and prospective depositors need to be aware of the complexities involved. Money Discount Centre will direct you towards the savings account that best suits your requirements. It is not always the case that the highest rate of interest is the most appropriate for your particular circumstances. Higher interest rates are usually linked to fixed term accounts so are obviously unsuited to those who require instant access. While introductory offers may seem attractive, when the initial period is over and tax paid on interest, you may find they are not so appealing.

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For tax payers ISAs offer a tax free way of saving. You can now deposit £5640 each year in a cash ISA with no tax liability. The ISA market is a large and competitive one. Money Discount Centre's data base, updated daily, will aid you in this task. We'll find you the most suitable savings account.

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Regular savings accounts can offer good returns, particularly during the introductory period. They usually come with a variety of terms and conditions of which customers need to be aware. These may restrict the amount you can deposit as well as when you can access your money. Again, you need to find the one that best suits your particular circumstances.

Fixed rate savings bonds offer a better return than instant access savings accounts. You must be sure that you will not need to withdraw funds as such actions attract financial penalties, thus negating their attractive rates of interest.

With so many options, the saving account market can be confusing. With the help of Money Discount Centre, you can compare the benefits of the various accounts and make an informed choice.


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