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Car insurance is not an optional expense. By law every car on the road has to be insured. The car insurance market remains very competitive with hundreds of providers. There is tremendous variation in cost depending on the type of cover you want. It is important when looking at comparison tables that you are actually comparing like with like. At Money Discount Centre our aim is to help you through this process.

The minimum car insurance that is permissible is known as third party. This only protects the other car, people and property. There is no compensation for damage to your own car. If it is stolen, you will receive nothing for it. There is also a third party, fire and theft policy to cover those eventualities. The more expensive insurances are fully comprehensive which as the name suggests cover almost every situation. Some insurances also cover breakdown services. Most cars insurances last for a year but short term policies are also available.

Cheap Car Insurance.

Premiums vary considerably according to the age and experience of the driver and whether or not previous claims have been made. No claims bonuses are built up over time and can lead to significant savings with some insurance companies offering a seventy five per cent discount. It is possible to obtain a no claims protection in with your cover. The premiums can also be reduced depending on the amount of excess you are prepared to pay. The excess is the sum deducted from the insurance pay out.

Young males attract the most expensive premiums as statistically they have more accidents than, for instance, young females. Experienced drivers with maximum no claims are the cheapest group to insure. Premiums also vary according to the car insurance group that your car lies within. Smaller cars, with low specifications are cheaper to repair in terms of parts and labour; less powerful engines are also a factor; standard security features also affect the group rating. It is obvious therefore that an Audi Quattro will cost more to insure that a small Ford or Vauxhall. Some insurers reduce premiums if the car is garaged overnight or if your mileage is low.

The most important advice to consumers is to shop around. Rarely are you given a cash incentive for loyalty. Use Money Discount Centre to guide you to the best insurance deals.


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