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In the past, once the job of opening a current account was over, little thought was given to whether it was the most appropriate, or the most advantageous for the holder. Everyone knew that the amount of interest paid on current accounts was risible and that the overdraft charges were monstrous in comparison, but that was the status quo.

In recent years things have changed and banks have to work hard to attract new customers, and even harder to poach clients from competitors. It all sounds well and good, but sifting through the offers and deals is a monumental task and it is this that discourages customer mobility.

We at Money Discount Centre are committed to finding you the current account that best serves your needs. What may be the most advantageous for one may not suit another. The account should be tailored to your particular requirements. If, for instance, your account is never overdrawn, an account paying a good rate of interest would be attractive. If however, you are overdrawn for part, or most of the month, you would need to consider the interest charged on money owing.

Compare Bank Accounts.

At first sight, many of the promotions appear to offer good value but it is essential to read and understand the conditions. Failure to do so could result in a costly mistake. First and formost you need to determine the service you require from your bank. Remember that your credit rating will have an influence on the type of current account that a bank will be willing to offer. A number of current accounts attract a monthly fee. They usually come with benefits such as membership of a motoring organisation, annual travel insurance or mobile phone insurance.

Depending on your circumstances, this type of account could actually save you money. As you can see, opening, or transferring a current account to a new provider is by no means easy.

At Money Discount Centre, with the help of our data base which is updated daily, we can help you find the most appropriate and the most beneficial current account.

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