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Although we have an excellent National Health Service, there is still a strong demand for private health insurance. The main reasons for choosing health insurance are the avoidance of waiting lists, the ability to choose a particular consultant, and more recently, the fear of the so-called hospital super bugs.

There are different types of health insurance. Some cover medical insurance while others cover dental treatment. Private Medical Insurance can vary considerably both in the premiums and in the cover offered. Emergency treatments are excluded from the vast majority of policies. Every policy will have exclusions such as cosmetic surgery, treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, fertility treatments or problems with pregnancy. Many policies also exclude HIV treatment. Any pre-existing condition will also be excluded. In addition, long term conditions that do not respond well to treatment not generally covered.

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As you can see, you must chose your health care plan with care and you must be scrupulously honest about your medical history. You don't want to find that you have been paying premiums for something which the company will  refuse to cover.

Premiums vary considerably according to the cover you require, your age, whether or not you smoke, and your state of health. Premiums can be reduced if you agree a larger excess or when you build up a no claims bonus. Premiums can be discounted when families are being insured.

It should be remembered that for very serious illnesses you will receive treatment just as quickly in the NHS. Also the option of choosing a consultant is not completely open-ended. Insurers direct you to the hospitals where you will be entitled to cover and they also impose a maximum fee for a particular procedure. If you chose a consultant who charges a higher fee, you will have to pay the difference. Another point to consider is that you may not be treated in a private hospital, but may be given private treatment in an NHS hospital.

There is much to consider before you embark on private medical insurance. At Money Discount Centre, with the help of our data base, you can find the most appropriate plan for the cover you need.





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