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Breakdown cover is considered essential by most car owners. Failure to have such cover can be costly as the charges for towing away a vehicle, particularly from a motorway, far outweigh the annual breakdown premium. In the present economic climate, research has shown that drivers are cutting down on car maintenance. If this is true for you, breakdown cover becomes an even greater necessity. However, you must remember that repeated call outs can have an adverse effect on future premiums. It should also be noted that cover will only be given if a car has a current MOT.

Compare Breakdown Cover.

At one time breakdown cover was the domain of the AA and the RAC who roamed the countryside on their motorbikes, saluting those who displayed their badge. Now there are many organisations offering packages from basic retrieval to home start. Thirty percent of breakdown cover is provided as an incentive when opening a particular bank account, taking out car insurance or when purchasing a new car. The monthly fee paid for a particular bank account can be cheaper than the cost of the more comprehensive cover. Indeed, some accounts offer additional incentives such as holiday insurance as well as the breakdown cover. These options are certainly worth investigating. 

Money Discount Centre can help you find the best cover for the lowest cost. All you have to do, is to decide the cover you need and the people and vehicles to be covered. Using our site, you can then easily compare the services offered and the annual charges. Cover can be vehicle based or driver based; it can cover roadside recovery, onward travel and  home start.  There are joint or family memberships and cover for more than one car. European assistance is also an option.

Having made your decisions as to cover, always compare the terms and conditions as what may seem at first sight to be the best deal may not in fact be the case. In particular check the exclusion list. Call outs are not unlimited so compare the number that can be made without incurring a penalty.

Breakdown cover gives you peace of mind, in the knowledge that you will never be left stranded and help is generally less than forty minutes away.





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